Engraving is defined as the art of craving delicate designs on metal; and in Iran has always been done with special methods and adorn with traditional designs. It is done on different metals such as copper, brass, silver, gold and also some alloys

Sholleh is one of the traditional dishes of Mashhad. As many grains are used in this dish, this is a complete meal. Sholleh is actually a kind of Ash. The people of Mashhad use this food as one of the most common vows. This delectable dish is made of veal, beans, chickpeas, white beans, mung beans, lentils, wheat grits, semi rice, salt, red pepper, black pepper, cardamom, nutmeg, ginger and cinnamon. The more meat used in the shell, the tasty it is. Polo Makhlout is the same Stambouli Polo or Lobia Polo. This delicious meal includes; meat, rice, carrots, green

Doo Piazeh Alou Shirazi is one of Shiraz’s most popular dishes. The dish is very quick and easy to make. To prepare this dish you need to cook and eat potatoes. Fry the onion and mix with the paste. Then combine the onions with potatoes. Sometimes, in Shiraz for the sake of diversity, cooks the food with chopped meat. This delicious meal is eaten with bread and usually at night. Polo Shirazi is one of the Shiraz dishes that everyone usually makes. This delicious dish is made of rice, chicken, eggplant, saffron, yogurt, barberry and salt and pepper. If you

Today, residents of Tehran are mostly immigrants, each with their own local culture and cuisine. As a result, it is difficult to determine precisely what traditional Tehran food is. However, the authentic Tehran people have their own specialty dishes. Here is a list of some well-known Tehran food samples. Dami Bolghour JO (Oatmeal) is one of the local cuisine of Tehran province. This dish belongs to the Lavasan region and a local vegetable is used in it called Tableh. Lavasan is a pleasant climate in the capital where you can go to the capital for a variety of local fruits

Koufteh is the most famous food in Tabriz. Koufteh is produced in different parts of the Middle East, but differ in the way it is prepared and used in Tabriz. Traditionally, meat was crushed in a stone mortar and vegetables and split peas were gradually added to it. Nowadays, minced meat is used instead of bitten. Once the ingredients are ready, take some of it and place it between boiled eggs, walnuts and dried plums and turn them into balls. Then place these balls in a sauce made with tomato paste and saffron to cook. At the time of serving,

Beryani is one of the famous cuisine of Iran that is famous in other countries and is very popular among Iranians. This dish belongs to the city of Isfahan and is considered the most famous traditional food of Isfahan. Beryani is the only Esfahan specialty food that is separate and unique and usually not cooked with other foods, and it shows its importance to Isfahanis. Of course, only the original Isfahanis know that the name of this dish is Beryan and the rest are called Beryani by mistake. The word Beryani in Isfahan refers to the place and shop of

The holy city of Mashhad in northeastern Iran is the center of Khorasan Razavi province. It is the second most populous city in Iran. Due to the presence of Imam Reza(AS), there are 32 million domestic and 1 million foreign pilgrims annually. Mashhad has a variable but temperate cold and dry climate, with hot and dry summers and cold and humid winters. One of the first and foremost places of interest in Mashhad is the shrine of Imam Reza(AS). The city of Mashhad is also known as the spiritual capital of Iran due to the presence of Imam Reza(AS) Shrine.