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Medical Tourism in Iran

As the cost of healthcare in the US,European and Arabic continues to rise, many citizens and residents are in a continuous search for destinations outside the country where they can receive quality healthcare at a much lower rate.
‍In 2016, over 11 million travelers left the shores of the US in search of different countries around the world seeking affordable healthcare. In a recent report by Visa and Oxford Economics, it was stated that this figure will grow by up to 25% every year for the next decade as the competition for health tourists between countries have becomes fiercer.
‍Medical procedures ranging from cosmetic surgery, dental work, to orthopedic surgery can now be provided at high quality and affordable rates in many countries such as Iran.

Tatilat Aram Medical Tour

Tatilat aram medical tour delivers a wide range of services from simple tests to complex surgeries. We facilitate the process and experienced specialists in their respective fields carry out all procedures under our supervision.There are some services as follow:

  • Comprehensive information regarding your surgeon, treatment and hospital or clinic.

  • Free doctor consultations

  • Arranging dates and times for all appointments

  • Organizing your flight and hotel after treatment confirmation

  • Airport pickup

  • 24-hour assistant

  • Accommodation

  • Hospital and clinic services

  • Post-treatment & recovery time; aftercare services

  • Facilitating contact with the physician after treatment

  • Following up for post-operative care once you return home

  • Wellness tours

  • Cultural tours


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