8th International Conference On Women’s Health

The 8th International Conference on Women’s Health will be held on December 21, 2008 by the Health Policy Research Center and Shiraz University of Medical Sciences in Tehran . The National Content Consortium will also be indexed, and you can submit your papers at the conference with full confidence and take advantage of the scientific benefits of submitting a conference paper by receiving a conference certificate.

Nowadays, mental health is one of the most important indicators of a community’s health. According to studies, mental disorders are one of the most important and significant components of overall burden of disease. Since women make up half the body of the world and the other half grow up by them, while being an integral part of all segments of society, they put them at greater risk of developing mental problems. Children who are born to mothers with mental disorders are also more likely to have mental disorders such as depression and are more likely to have an academic failure.

According to studies, the prevalence of mental illness, especially depression and anxiety in Iranian women, is 2.5 times that of Iranian men. Success in solving these problems, therefore, requires identifying various individual, family, cultural, social, and economic factors in order to prevent mental disorders and to provide a healthier future generation



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