Finding the right doctor and clinic/hospital for your plastic surgery is not always easy and Taking into account the extremely high fees of many plastic surgeons, this becomes an even more daunting task. We are here to help you in this regard by connecting you to the most reputable plastic surgery specialists in Iran that offer high-quality procedures at the most reasonable prices.You just have to contact us we are with you.

Our services include:beauty surgery, medical dentistry, medical ophthalmology, cell therapy, slimming surgery and…

Why Iran?

Because you can get any procedure done in Iran at a price you won’t find anywhere else. Not only that, the proficiency of Iranian plastic surgeons is exceptional and the hospitals and clinics are up to the latest professional standards. Plus, Iran is a great country to visit. Ask any person who’ve been to the country.

Why tatilatearam ?

With tatilatearam, all the hassle of traveling will be eliminated. As the leading medical tourism facilitator in Iran, we’ve so far helped hundreds of people get their cosmetic or medical treatment done in Iran as smoothly as possible.

 beauty surgery

beauty medical

medical dentistry

Tatilatearam is Interface between you and the best dental surgeons in Iran tatilatearam consisting of team of professionals in Iran to offer easy access to the best dental care in Iran from the top dental surgeons in Iran, best dental clinics and hospitals in Iran at affordable rates.

medical dentistry

medical ophthalmology

Eyes are very important in our lives and because of that Vision loss must be taken seriously and eye diseases must be treated as soon as possible. We offer you the most effective and affordable eye treatment in Iran at the best hospitals and eye clinics and arrange whatever else you need for a smooth and hassle-free trip.

medical ophthalmology

slimming surgery

Weight loss surgery, technically called bariatric surgery, includes a range of procedures aimed at helping people with obesity lose weight in a short period of time. Studies show that weight loss surgery causes significant long-term weight loss, leading to improvements in obesity-related health conditions such as diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, and high blood pressure. For a free consultation and price quote for weight loss surgery Contact with tatilatearam

what is the safest form of weight loss surgery

medical cell therapy

medical cell therapy

medical urology and orthopedics

medical urology

medical cardiovascular and neurology

medical cardiovascular

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