Project Description

Kashan>Isfahan>Varzaneh>Yazd>Shiraz>Qeshm>Tehran(12 days)

One day in Kashan

The first day we visit Fin bathroom and  historic houses

3days in Isfahan

The second day we visit Naqshe Jahan square,ali qapo, chehel sotoun palace

The third day we visit Isfahan Jame masque and visiting Vank church

The Forth day move to Varzaneh desert and visiting the ghorgan palace, the well of north (Stay at night in a traditional accommodation)

The next day move to Yazd

One day in Yazd

The fifth day enter to historic city of Yazd, visiting the beautiful garden of Dolat Abad

Visiting Fahhadan native and Amir chakhmakh of  Yazd and Yazdanian fireplace(the night of staying in yazd )

2 days in Shiraz

The 6th day move to Pasargad and visiting Hakhamaneshan Kourosh tomb and go to Shiraz(The night of staying to Shiraz)

The 7th seeing Zandiye and Karim khan Arg complex and at evening visit Saadi and Shiraz

Go to airport and fly to Qeshm

4day in Qeshm

The 8th day sightseeing Chah kooh strait ,Hara jungle(stay in Qeshm)

The 9th day: visiting the beach of Shib Deraz village and famous dolphins of Qeshm and Hengam Island  ,Nar Island, Stars Valley

The 10th day: visiting   Dargahan village , crocodile park, Golden Seaside Recreation(stay in Qeshm)

The 11th day: Khorbas Cave, Geopark of Qeshm and oranges castle, Seaside Recreation

And flight to Tehran(stay in Tehran)

 One day in Tehran

The 12th day: visiting historical places of Capital such as Holestan palace(unesco world registered),

National jewelry Museum, carpet Museum or the Museum of master Abbasi

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  • Naqsh-e Jahan
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