Today, residents of Tehran are mostly immigrants, each with their own local culture and cuisine. As a result, it is difficult to determine precisely what traditional Tehran food is. However, the authentic Tehran people have their own specialty dishes. Here is a list of some well-known Tehran food samples.

Dami Bolghour JO (Oatmeal) is one of the local cuisine of Tehran province. This dish belongs to the Lavasan region and a local vegetable is used in it called Tableh. Lavasan is a pleasant climate in the capital where you can go to the capital for a variety of local fruits and dairy products. Soak the grains and beans in the water from the night before to prepare this dish. Then pour in the drain to get extra water. Then add a liter of water and place on the stove. Boil the water, soften the flame and add lentils with chopped greens for an hour and wait for the beans to cook. Then, add the spices, hot onions and hot mint. When the water is drawn out, add the washed and soaked rice and stir slowly to absorb all the water. Then wait until the rice is fully cooked and garnish with the yogurt.

Dampokhtak is a traditional Iranian food based on rice and cooked with little differences in different parts of the country. This food cannot be completely attributed to Tehran. To prepare this dish, it is necessary to moisten the bean with some boiling water and boil it for 20 minutes. Soak the rice, spoon the tomato paste and mix well to dissolve the tomato paste in water. Then pour the rice into it and drain according to the type of rice (we usually remove the rice mixture a little dryer). Grate the minced meat with the fried onions and add the bean paste. Add the tomato paste and mix well, so that the peas are not crushed. Add the drained rice and mix well. Reduce the flame until the rice is brewed.

Eshkeneh Esfenaj (Spinach) is another local cuisine of Tehran province. This simple and low calorie meal can be a simple meal for people who do not have time. To make this dish, make hot onions, add flour, spinach, pepper and turmeric and add water after a few seconds. When it boils, add the potatoes to boil. Stir 3 eggs and salt and add to it. Then boil the rest of the eggs for 2 to 3 minutes. Finally, you can add sumac water.

Tehran’s Ash Sholle Ghalamkar is one of the most famous and popular Iranian Ashes. The Ash, which is highly nutritious and has a high nutritional value due to its many varieties of beans and vegetables. This Ash is delicious and laborious and time consuming. To make this Ash pea soup, lentils, beans, meats, wheat and various types of vegetables are used.

Khoresh Sabzi (Vegetable Stew) is one of the favorite Iranian dishes. This dish is not just for Tehran. And you can taste it in different cities with different tastes. You can enjoy one of the different and pleasant flavors in Tehran. To prepare this delectable dish, beans must be pre-soaked. Chop the onions and fry with a little oil. Add the chopped meat to the onions. Bake a bit to change the color of the meat. Then add the turmeric and pepper. Then add the beans to the pot and allow to boil with a little water. You should also chop the vegetables and then fry. Then, add the vegetables to the beans and raw meat. After adding lemon and water, allow the stew to simmer gently.