Passenger’s aerial luggage is called passenger’s freight which is sent to the target country unaccompanied by airports ‘custom with airway bill at the lowest price. generally, and specifically shipping all the goods which are determined as passengers’ personal belongings are permitted to be sent by air as a passenger’s freight.

The exceptions are related to rules of the issuing country (Islamic Republic of Iran’s custom rules) and the rules of carrier and in some other specific conditions to the regulations of target country.passengers in order to avoid any problems should consider these items before sending the freight.people who intend to immigrate or settle in another country need to take their appliances with them, these appliances are sent by ship, air and road depending on type and size. This freight is non-commercial and is sent by use of passport copy and last origin-target country ticket.

brief explanation:since custom cost of origin and destination country have  the lowest price it is the best way for sending.

Most of the freight’ weights are less than 1000 kilograms and air transfer is the best  way regarding time, price and safety.The majority of Freight is to Canada,USA,Germany,Turkey,Australia,Sweden,China,Thailand etc.

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