Kish Island, formerly known as Qays, has always been part of Iran during the Achaemenid, Sassanid, and Parthian dynasties. This island fell into the hands of the Umayyad caliphs with the spread of Islam, and was later returned to Iran by an individual from all the Persian Gulf islands. During the Seljuk period, Kish became the largest commercial center of the Persian Gulf. In time, a delegation of American and Iranian advisers set out to visit the island. Kish tourism areas, which include the beautiful coral beaches, have made the island an international tourist center. The island’s economy is now based on tourism and commerce, with Kish hotels welcoming a large number of tourists every year.


The ancient city of Harireh is one of the most spectacular places in Kish on the north side of the island, with monuments of ancient architecture in the corner. From the ruins left behind, it is clear that this was once a thriving region. Hariri dates back to the eighth century and is said to have been mentioned in Saadi’s Golestan.

Archaeologists, based on excavations, estimate that the city of Harireh was formed about a thousand years ago and was abandoned almost 600 years later.

The Greek Ship:

One of the most beautiful sights you can see at sunset in Kish is the Greek farewell scene of the sun sitting behind the ship. The Greek ship that docked off the southwest coast of the island in year 1996 is still in existence and is one of the attractions and sights of Kish, the ship was built in British, whatever efforts were made to save it after docking It, failed and persisted in the waters of the Persian Gulf and near the coast of Kish Island.

The island of Hondorabi is a flat island with no high mountains or hights. It should be said that the highest point of the island is 2 meters high. A population of fewer than 45 puts it in the low-population group of islands, so it can be described as abandoned. The island’s homes are old-fashioned, plastered and with white facades, which are among the cultural attractions of the island’s people.

Recreational Pier: The pier is 437 meters long, 18 meters wide and has an area of 10,000 square meters. What makes this part of the island popular is because of a number of reasons. First, like most places on the island next to the Kish Dock, you can see seafood and colorful fish. The image of people standing in the Pier and catching fish has made it even more beautiful. It is one of the boating stations on the island here. Pedal boats and glass floors have been flanked by the seaside to take passengers, and if we want to make a different trip and do something new, we can rent a scuba diving suit and go underwater or jet ski.

Kariz Underground City

The world-renowned underground city is a fusion of Iranian art and the beautiful nature of the island, which has prompted many tourists from both Iran and foreign countries to visit its wonders in the south of Iran. The city is 16 meters deep and dates back to 2500 years. Unique features of this underground structure such as coral reef, freshwater flow, cool underground air and a very high-grade coral fossil make it one of the most important attractions in Iran and even in the world.

Simorgh Seaside Park is located in the southeastern part of Kish Island, adjacent to the Marina Park Hotel and Kish Dolphinarium. The park is located on an area of fifteen thousand square meters and is 300 meters long. Simorgh Park, between the World Road and the Cycling Road along the sandy beach, has a unique landscape. Recreational facilities include a tube park, sports grounds including badminton, ping pong, skating rink, health bar, trails, fountain, bike station and more.

Kish Bird Garden, with an area of about three hectares, has been operating since year 2001 and has already exhibited a collection of fifty-seven bird species. The Kish Bird Garden keep two separate birds. In the first section there is a beautiful and lush path and bird cages are located along it. The cages describe useful and comprehensive information on the habitat, feeding habits and characteristics of each bird and visitors can obtain all the information they need about that bird. The second part, which covers an area of about 2 hectares, is an open space for birds to fly freely.

Dolphin Amusement Park is about 5 hectares in the southeast of Kish Island. The complex consists of green space with a variety of plant species, bird gardens and the first and only dolphinarium in Iran. The dolphinarium houses a variety of marine mammals, including dolphins, northern sea lions, southern sea lions, northern sea cats, boars, and penguins, and visitors can watch them trained by Iranian instructors. In total, 21 marine mammals are kept in pools measuring 18 cubic meters filled with sea water.