Day 1

Tehran: Arrival at Tehran’s IKA Airport; meet and transfer to hotel for overnight stay.

Day 2

Tehran – Semnan: Drive to Semnan (240km); overnight stay at hotel.

Day 3

Semnan – Excursion to Parvar: Drive to Parvar protected area (80km) for birdwatching; late afternoon drive back to Semnan; overnight stay at hotel.

Day 4

Semnan – Excursion: Excursion to Molla- Deh and Roudbarak areas for birdwatching in more high-altitude habitats; afternoon drive back to Semnan; overnight stay at hotel.



Morning drive to Touran National Park (330km) located in northern parts of Dasht-e kavir desert, where we stay for 3 nights; overnight stay at local house.


Full day wildlife-watching in Touran National Park. Today we mainly look for Pleskes Ground Jay (Podoces pleskei) which is endemic to Iran deserts; overnight stay at local house.


Full day wildlife-watching in Touran National Park looking for some of the rare species of birds and mammals like Persian Wild Ass; overnight stay at local house.


Drive to Tehran (520 km); afternoon free time for rest and shopping; overnight stay at hotel.


Transfer to IKA airport for departure flight.

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How to Identify Birds?

Learning to correctly identify birds is one of the toughest things when it comes to bird watching. However, there are several methods and technologies that you can use to help you.

First thing to learn when it comes to birding is learning to narrow down the bird to a group. If you can narrow a bird down, then you’re already half way there. Next pay attention to the shape of its body and head. Almost no two species have the same shapes so this can really help you.

If you’re still having problem or want to take the easy way out, then this is where birding technology comes in. There is this very popular app called “Merlin Bird ID” which by just simply answering five questions about the bird the app will come up with a list of possible matches.

You can also take a picture of the bird and it will offer you some matches. We found most of the time it’s very easy to pick the bird out from the list of matches it gives you.

Now that you know what birding is let’s talk about the equipment needed. Here is a list of birding equipment:


The most important piece of equipment you’ll use when it comes to birding. If you are a beginner, you shouldn’t spend too much on binoculars, but before buying them, there are a few things that you should keep in mind.

The binoculars you are buying should give you a clear view, be lightweight, be high quality and be in your budget.


Sometimes binoculars just aren’t enough to fully enjoy everything birding has to offer. While they work great for the most part, if you want to get a better glimpse of what lay’s in the distance then scopes are the way to go. With their superior magnification abilities, it makes it easier to watch birds that are very far from you.

Birding is a great hobby, but to become a successful birder, you have to invest time into it. If you have the patience and gain the sufficient knowledge, then trust me the birding experience is definitely worth it.

The ground jay is also one of the birds found only in Iran which means it is endemic bird of Iran and is very beautiful and you can come to Iran to see this beautiful bird.

The ground jays or ground choughs belong to a distinct group of the passerine order of birds in the genus Podoces of the crow family Corvidae.

Ground jays show adaptations to ground living such as long, strong legs adapted to fast running and the ability to leap and bound onto boulders and rocks with great agility. Their long, curved thick bills are adapted for digging and probing.

While capable of flight (which they do infrequently and relatively weakly), they prefer running, and will readily perch on trees and bushes also.

Now you know what birdwatching is, now if you want to have a unique birdwatching experience come to Iran. Iran is a great country to birdwatching in. We have prepared a birdwatching tour for you.


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