With choosing Iran as your Medical tourism destination you will give world class treatments with big savings in addition you can enjoy the thousand years Iran cultural history.

  • World class medical treatment at affordable prices.
  • Save money – make significant savings compared to other healthcare centers.
  • Save time – beat the waiting lists.
  • Excellent quality of service and care in clinically clean conditions.
  • We ensure you are treated by the top doctors and specialist surgeons with relevant international experience.
  • Effective and seamless after care program.

In the following figure you can simply understand that Iran is the cheapest country to go for medical tourism and you would recognize the patient’s satisfaction by searching people who had experienced Iran medical tourism like Candy Charm—Link
medical services comparision

Tatilatearam travel agency with possessing all the certificates is one of the best medical tourism facilitator that you can rely on. Iran is a four season country with the variety climatic range from north to south and from the east to west in other word when you are in Mazandaran and Gilan it would be rainy almost all days but as you go downer to the south the weather will get warmer and dryer (we have the hottest place of the earth in Lut desert Link) and then we have Persian gulf in the south with lots of warm and humid Islands. You would have exited by visiting lots of resorts and spas around Iran and mud therapy at Urmia lake

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mud therapy benefits
medical tourism process

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