Isfahan- Main Foods

Beryani is one of the famous cuisine of Iran that is famous in other countries and is very popular among Iranians. This dish belongs to the city of Isfahan and is considered the most famous traditional food of Isfahan. Beryani is the only Esfahan specialty food that is separate and unique and usually not cooked with other foods, and it shows its importance to Isfahanis. Of course, only the original Isfahanis know that the name of this dish is Beryan and the rest are called Beryani by mistake. The word Beryani in Isfahan refers to the place and shop of Beryan and selling Beryan.

Khoresh Maast (Maast stew) rather than a main food is an Isfahan-based Iranian appetizer that is cooked in other ways in northern cities of Iran and Hamadan province. The main recipe for Khoresh Maast is lamb neck but you can also use chicken or turkey to make this fragrant and delicious appetizer. The Indians have a Khoresh Maast, of course. Instead of the Khoresh Maast, the Esfahani has a rose water and saffron flavor, spicier and peppered with salt. This food is served cold and as a dessert.

Kalle Gonjeshki (Sar Gonjeshki), is one of the traditional dishes prepared in the shortest possible time. This dish is cooked with a combination of minced meat, onions, spices, paste, oil and dried tarragon and is usually served with bread.

Nokhod Aab is one of the local cuisine which has many properties due to its special ingredients. The main ingredients in this dish are chickpeas and cooked in salted water, pepper and turmeric and then added with a little flour. Peas are usually eaten with vinegar.

Yakhni Loubia (Gousht-o Loubia), are one of the popular local dishes in Isfahan. This meal, which is usually cooked in a Halim, uses lamb, leeks, parsley and fenugreek, white beans, rice, onions and spices. Meat and beans are usually cooked in copper dishes and served with bread. It should be noted, of course, that some other similar meats and beans such as beef, lentils and chickpeas are found in local Isfahan cuisines.

Kashk- o bademjan can be heard all over Iran and can be found in all Iranian cities. But it should be noted that Kashk-o ademjan has Esfahani roots and has always been known as a local cuisine in this city.

Halim Bademjan is one of the famous traditional dishes of Isfahan. Halim Bademjan is made from rice, meat, eggplant, onions and hot mint, whey, salt and pepper. In Esfahani Halim Bademjan, rice shoulb be cooked to a degree. Then add meat (the best meat for eggplant is neck meat), fry the eggplant separately and beat. Then add the meat and beat again to obtain a homogenous mixture. At the end add the whey and after half an hour, serve it with a garnish of mint and hot onion.

Kaleh Joosh is one of the foods cooked in most Iranian cities. This dish, which goes back to the Qashqai and Isfahan region, is prepared very quickly. You need whey, peppermint, onion, walnut, oil, salt and pepper to make a simple meal.

Polo Mush Ghomri (Mung bean rice and Kohlrabi) is one of the famous and tasty rice in Isfahan. Kohlrabi is a kind of cabbage that when tasted in rice and mung bean, it tastes delicious.

Vegatable Shoorbai Ash: To prepare this Ash, the Isfahanis first cook some minced meat with onions and spices and make small meatballs. Then cook the beans, rice, mung bean and split pea in a separate pan, then add the meatballs to the beans to cook a little.