Tabriz- Main Foods

Koufteh is the most famous food in Tabriz. Koufteh is produced in different parts of the Middle East, but differ in the way it is prepared and used in Tabriz. Traditionally, meat was crushed in a stone mortar and vegetables and split peas were gradually added to it. Nowadays, minced meat is used instead of bitten. Once the ingredients are ready, take some of it and place it between boiled eggs, walnuts and dried plums and turn them into balls. Then place these balls in a sauce made with tomato paste and saffron to cook. At the time of serving, the onions are garnished with barberry and hot onions.

 Ash Miveh(Fruit)  is one of the most famous ash in the region of Azerbaijan. Because of its variety of dried fruits, it is considered a good food for digestion. The fruit is cooked in two ways. In one recipe, it does not require vegetable, and in the other recipe, vegetable is among the raw ingredients. Dried fruits such as apricot, stewed plum and prunes are the main ingredients of this ash.

Dolma (Yeprakh Dolmsi) is one of the traditional foods of the Turkish people. Mostly Dolma is produced in summer. This food requires grape leaves, split peas, rice and aromatic vegetables such as coriander, savory, dill and leek. Dalma, like Koufteh, is one of the most famous Middle Eastern dishes. But its formulation and raw materials are different from its Turkish one. Grape leave Dolma is known as (Yeprakh Dolmasi). Dolma is generally a Turkish word and is derived from the Turkish word “Dolmakh” meaning “fill”. In the Tabriz area, Dolma is made in addition to grape leaves with pepper, pumpkin and tomato. In 2017, the Republic of Azerbaijan registered Dolma on its Intangible Cultural Heritage List in UNESCO.

Khagineh (Ghigha Khan) is considered one of the traditional dishes of Iran and has its own unique cooking method in every town and village. In Azerbaijan, Khagineh is served as a dessert. The main ingredient, or in other words the base, is the egg and vegetable. In fact, (Khag) means egg. The composition of eggs with leek (or other aromatic vegetables) constitutes the famous Tabriz Khagineh. The most popular among them is the mint Khagineh.

Douimaj is one of the local cuisine of Tabriz. It is usually served for breakfast or evening. Douimaj will be delicious with vegetables as well as juicy summer fruits such as grapes and watermelons. Douimaj raw materials include dried bread, water or butter, Tabriz cheese, butter and chopped walnuts.

Khashil is one of the famous dishes of Tabriz. This popular Tabriz dish is like a dish that is made with wheat groats called Halim. Khashil which in the old days, cooked at Yalda nights, can be a delicious dessert. To make this famous Tabriz dish, first soak the groats. After a few hours put on the flame for an hour to cook and the water to be drawn. Then rinse. Bake the flour until the raw material disappears. Then mix the cold water, flour and milk and add to the groats. Then heat and stir to reach the concentration of Halim.

Khoresh Havij (Carrot Stew) is one of the most popular dishes in Tabriz. But maybe not everyone will like the taste. To make this stew, cut the carrots and fry in a little oil and add salt. Chicken or meat is then boiled with water, onions and tomatoes paste or fried and added to the meat and carrots and add saffron to the meat and carrots to give it a better flavor. Finally add the plum to your chicken or meat and let it cooks completely. At the end, lemon juice is added to the carrot so that it does not taste sweet.

Dash Kallam Ashi is one of the specials of Tabriz that is cooked only in this city. Cabbage, onions, split peas, groats, rice and a variety of vegetables including: leeks, parsley and croutons, tomatoes, tomato paste and peppers are used in this dish. Some people, especially older ones, also add whey. Dried mint is also used for better taste.