Mashhad- Main Foods

Sholleh is one of the traditional dishes of Mashhad. As many grains are used in this dish, this is a complete meal. Sholleh is actually a kind of Ash. The people of Mashhad use this food as one of the most common vows. This delectable dish is made of veal, beans, chickpeas, white beans, mung beans, lentils, wheat grits, semi rice, salt, red pepper, black pepper, cardamom, nutmeg, ginger and cinnamon. The more meat used in the shell, the tasty it is.

Polo Makhlout is the same Stambouli Polo or Lobia Polo. This delicious meal includes; meat, rice, carrots, green beans and various spices. The meat in this dish is usually used as pellets or so-called “Ghelgheli”.

Shishlik kebabs are among the popular and well-known dishes. This popular dish consists of six slices of fresh lamb served in Chandiz and Mashhad with its bones. This delicious dish is popular not only in the country but abroad. Since high quality meat is used in preparation, it is one of the expensive foods.

Rivas is one of the traditional dishes of Khorasan Razavi and Neyshabur. Rivars is a plant that grows in spring and in mountainous areas, and it is cooked in all areas of the country that have access to Rivas. This food is usually cooked in spring. This delicious and traditional dish has a sour taste that is very delectable because of the Rivas. Raw materials for making this dish are, Rivas, meat, onion, sugar, mint and fresh parsley.

Abgousht Sangi is a type of Abgousht cooked in stone containers. These containers are among the handicrafts of Mashhad. One of the reasons it tastes good is because of the stone dish used to cook it. This dish uses mutton, beans, chickpeas, potatoes, pastes and spices.

Reshteh Polo is a common dish between the cities of Mashhad, Ardebil and Kermanshah, but their different style of cooking makes it tastier. In the Mashhadi type of Reshteh Polo, chicken is used as the main part of the meal, though sometimes it is used instead of minced meat and dates. Reshteh Polo is one of the favorite Iranian dishes cooked in Iranian homes on New Year’s Eve.

Yatimcheh is one of Mashhad’s popular foods. This dish has no meat and is one of the cheapest dishes in Mashhad. It is also easy and quick to prepare. Mashhadi Yatimcheh uses lentils, beans, chickpeas and most importantly eggplant. Whey, tomato and hot mint are also seasonings used to bake oranges according to people’s tastes.

Eshkeneh Ghorot is the same Kale Joush or Eshkene Kashk which is called by Eshkene Ghorot in Mashhad. It is high in calcium because widely whey is used in the preparation of this meal. In this dish also uses hot walnuts and mint.

Ash Lakhshak is almost the same as Ash Reshte which uses only lentils instead of beans. Lakhshak is the name of the wide and long strands that were used by women in the past at home. Commonly used with this soup are whey, hot mint, garlic and hot onions as a seasoning.

Digcheh is a traditional dessert in Mashhad. This dessert is very similar to Shir Berenj (rice milk), The difference is that Digcheh is more cooked than the Shir Berenj and cooks a little more. The Digche is a type of saffron that is used in baking milk instead of water. Digcheh has a high spiritual status among Mashhad residents and is cooked and distributed as a vow at religious ceremonies.

Sweet Koko is also a popular Mashhad food that can be served both in food and dessert and in hot and cold. At luxurious Mashhad parties, Sweet Koko is considered of the fixed food of tablewares. Ingredients include potatoes, eggs, saffron and corn flour. So far it’s almost like Potato Koko, but this dish is unique when the Mashhadis use sap on it. The sap is made with sugar, water, rose water and saffron and pours on it when it is cool.

Maghout is a type of Halva that is also called Mashhad Masghati. They use saffron and almonds to flavor this halva.

Ash Musti is one of the other dishes of Mashhad. Because of its lightness, it is sometimes eaten as a snack and even as a light meal. This Mashhad local dish combines garlic, chicken breast, cotyledon, onion, yogurt, dried dill, laurel leaves, mint and other spices.