Shiraz- Main Foods

Doo Piazeh Alou Shirazi is one of Shiraz’s most popular dishes. The dish is very quick and easy to make. To prepare this dish you need to cook and eat potatoes. Fry the onion and mix with the paste. Then combine the onions with potatoes. Sometimes, in Shiraz for the sake of diversity, cooks the food with chopped meat. This delicious meal is eaten with bread and usually at night.

Polo Shirazi is one of the Shiraz dishes that everyone usually makes. This delicious dish is made of rice, chicken, eggplant, saffron, yogurt, barberry and salt and pepper. If you go to Shiraz, be sure to taste this food.

Shekar Polo (Suger Polo) is one of the foods cooked in Shiraz. If you are interested in sweet food you can try this dish. This dish is made from rice, sugar, saffron and pistachio nuts, almonds and tangerine peel.

Gourmeh Beh is one of the delicious dishes that travelers and tourists in Shiraz should not miss, Shiraz people cook a lot of sweet foods due to their climate and this is one of the sweet foods. Meat, sugar, saffron, onions and spices are used in this delicious meal. If you travel to Shiraz, include this delicious meal in your meal plan.

Loubia Polo (Polo bean) is one of Shirazi’s most popular foods. In most parts of Iran people make beans with green beans, but in Shiraz they make it with cowpeas. This is a delicious meal from Shiraz’s local cuisine. Rice, cowpea, dill, saffron, cinnamon, salt and pepper are used for this meal.

Ghanbar Polo is a traditional Shirazi cuisine cooked at parties and ceremonies. This dish has a sweet taste and is usually served with a Shirazi salad. Rice, minced meat, walnuts, raisins, pomegranate paste, onions, chickpea flour, salt, pepper, turmeric and oil are used to make Ghanbar Polo.

Koofteh Holou (peach) are called Koofteh Holou because of their appearance and size, and no peaches are used. Meat, chickpea flour, carrots, eggs, raisins, walnuts, hot onions and plums are used for this meal. Mix and knead the meat, onions and carrots, then lay the plum, raisins and walnuts and form the Koofteh. Pour some of the Koofteh materials into the boiling water and throw the Koofteh into it to cook.

Yakhni Nokhod (Peas) is another traditional Shiraz dish that uses meat, peas, potatoes, onions, salt, and turmeric. It’s almost the same as Broth and shredded meat; But in Shiraz it is known as Yakhni Nokhod.

Rob Polo (Rice and Paste) is made with rice, raisins and walnuts, pomegranate paste or sugar and sugar; Mix raisins, walnuts and hot onions and mix paste with oil and sugar in a separate dish. When you add the rice, add the paste mixture, then pour the raisins, walnuts and hot onions in the middle of the rice and bake it again. The dish is also serve with muscle.

Ab Piazak is the famous Eshkeneh that is considered one of the most popular traditional foods of Fars province today. Ab Piazak or Eshkeneh is a broth-like food made using eggs, onions, oil, yogurt, fresh fenugreek and dried mint.